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Fechtman & Moore Law Office is a full-service elder law and special-needs planning office. We are located in Indianapolis and serve clients throughout the state of Indiana.  Out office focuses on providing quality service at an affordable rate. The attorneys and staff at Fechtman & Moore are capable of providing you legal service for Medicaid planning, estate planning, simple and complex trusts, special needs trusts, estate and trust administration as well as other areas of law. We offer free telephone inquiries and generally charge flat fees for our services. We believe this process is unique because it allows us to focus on meeting the needs of the client while also allowing everybody to have a clear understanding of the financial obligation owed by the clients.  

Robert W. Fechtman founded this firm over ten years ago, and is one of the leading spokesmen for special-needs care in Indiana along with Medicaid planning techniques.  Mr. Fechtman regularly speaks at seminars and other venues throughout Indiana to help educate and train attorneys and their staff in these complicated areas of law.  Mr. Fechtman's experience has allowed him to train his staff and attorneys to ensure that our client's are getting the best legal service available.  

Fechtman & Moore Law Office generally offers a no obligation, free consultation to discuss your needs.  Many issues involved with Medicaid planning, special needs, estate planning or estate administration can be very complicated and confusing to someone unfamiliar in this area.  However, these issues usually will involve some of the most important decisions you, or your loved one, will make in their life time.  Since these decisions are often so important and difficult to make, our office wants to ensure that you feel no pressure in considering your options and that you are provided with all of the information you need to make an informed and educated choice.   The consultation process allows us to provide this information to you while not pressuring you to make a decision.  This allows us to create a relationship with our clients where both parties feel comfortable, while also allowing us to provide professional and personalized services for our clients.   Our office looks forward to meeting with you to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or your legal needs. 

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Elder Law and Special-Needs Attorneys
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